Where to find nice iPod Shuffle cases?

  1. There's one on the COACH website, but it's got the signature C's all over it and even though it's pretty and I love COACH that might be a little too much for me, I dont know we'll see. Can you guys recommend me some websites?
  2. www.orbino.com has some nice cases that are a little different from the ones you see everywhere.
  3. Those are gorgeous! Thank you so much. Theres one I like thats generally around the same price as the COACH one only its so much nicer [​IMG]
  4. Juicy couture-they were on sale at Shopbop.com
  5. Thank you naturale! I'm so so so tempted, I was 2 sec away from ordering it, BUT I want one that comes with a lanyard.
  6. i have a pink kate spade one, i think its actually last call on nm now
  7. Thanks hfxshopgirl. Browsing NM.com right now. This was the only shuffle case in the Last Call Clearance area, very blingy!

  8. that's the anthracite. the black/sand is black leather (non-metallic) with a beige accent
  9. Okay bookmarking that until I narrow it down some more. I really like the sound of that combination (black leather and non metallic beige)! Plus I really wanted a leather case. I wish they had a picture. Again, thank you so much!
  10. np! anytime :biggrin:
  11. the coach one with mini c's is really cute!..I was in Bloomingdales earlier,and they had them onsale for 25 dollars =D
  12. Aw man, really :sad: We dont have a Bloomingdales nearby (I'm not in Raleigh right now). Thanks though girl!