Where to find MJ Stam Putty?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I just bought my first MJ clutch in putty and I really do love the color so much! I think if you're looking for somewhat neutral color, this color is perfect! Anyway, I've been wanting to get the MJ Stam, but I just didn't know what color I would like to get cause from all the Stam I've seen, I wasn't very impressed with the color, until I saw Putty. I know it's probably impossible by this time to get one but I'm hoping I can get more info where to find this bag, or maybe one of you is selling? :graucho:

    Thanks alot for all the help!!
  2. Very hard to find unless someone returns her.
    eBay is probably the best route right now, sorry I couldn't help. =)
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