where to find MJ in boston?

  1. good evening all,

    sorry if this is a stupid question.....i get so much help here at tpf and i am such an ignorant country bumpkin. :confused1:

    just wondering what stores in the boston area sell mj bags...dept. stores, and most espcially outlet stores (this i really want sooooo badly). i tried macy's at burlington mall and couldnt find it. anywhere else i can try?

    oh if u now of other places here in MA, pls. let me know too

    thank you in advance!!!

  2. Neiman Marcus, Saks (both are in Copley Square I think) and there's a MJ boutique on Newbury St.
  3. Along with the above stores, you can find it at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill and Barneys in Chestnut Hill and Copley.
  4. not from boston, but if there's a Off 5th, Last Call, or Nordstrom Rack you can find past season items for heavily discounted prices.
  5. I don't think we have a Nordstrom Rack around here, but I think there's an Off 5th in Clinton or Westbrook, CT. It's probably about and hour to hour & a half from you. Do a quick google search for Clinton Outlets and you should be able to find it.