where to find MJ in boston?


Jul 10, 2006
good evening all,

sorry if this is a stupid question.....i get so much help here at tpf and i am such an ignorant country bumpkin. :confused1:

just wondering what stores in the boston area sell mj bags...dept. stores, and most espcially outlet stores (this i really want sooooo badly). i tried macy's at burlington mall and couldnt find it. anywhere else i can try?

oh if u now of other places here in MA, pls. let me know too

thank you in advance!!!

I don't think we have a Nordstrom Rack around here, but I think there's an Off 5th in ******* or Westbrook, CT. It's probably about and hour to hour & a half from you. Do a quick google search for ******* Outlets and you should be able to find it.