Where to find Mizi?!

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  1. hi.. im newbie here but i've been reading the forum since ages ago. it's really nice to find so many people with same interest as me, LV :heart:

    so.. i was wondering, does anyone have any idea, where in the world could i get my hand on mono mizi?
    i've called nearly anywhere around the world but they've sold out :sad: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. ebay is ur friend :smile:
  3. Welcome syd_chic :flowers: Are you from Sydney too:graucho: ? Yeah, the only option will be ebay unfortunately.;)
  4. i would prefer the brand new one as i love the white vachetta leather so much..
    but i keep an eye on ebay as well though.

    thanks :heart:
  5. hi lee69, yes.. im in sydney. r u?!

    i still remember when castlereagh st got them, i was like *allright i love that bag but i'll get it later* since i thought that they would be permanent line.. but now, i feel like i HAVE TO have it!
    i couldnt even sleep last night and thinking about the bag :crybaby: *this is bad*
  6. ^^ Oh, sorry to hear that:sad: I know how it feels. Yes ,I'm from Sydney:nuts: check out the 'general discussion' there'll be a Sydney pf meeting soon:yes:.

    Once in a while they'll pop up on ebay, if you're lucky it'll be gently used or new ones:yes: Meanwhile can't you focus on other bag:sweatdrop: Or wait for their new collection:flowers:
  7. oh thanks for the infos, i'm opening that thread now.. and i feel like i only want to get that one right now! :sad: *another bags can wait though* :lol:
  8. They're all gone I beleive so eBay is one of the few options left. Not sure if you can get a brand new one either at this point.
  9. I've been wanting the same bag. Unfortunately, my SA has informed me that Mizi in Monogram Canvass has been "discontinued". Should you want to buy the bag from an LV shop, you may ask an LV SA (Sales Associate) do the scouting overseas and have the item shipped to your country. This was what my SA is willing to do. For me, e-Bay is the least option. Too pricey to take that risk.
  10. call me freak but i actually have called most of the stores around the world and they dont have any left..:sad:
    does ur SA found one?! im dying to get my hand on them :crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. syd chick, (im assuming you live in sydney) would you liek to come to the tPF sydney meeting? go to General Dissc. board for the thread the details are there, and anyone else who is in sydney your invited to post if your goign to come to let us know! come on we need mroe ppl! we know your out there
  12. i did check after lee69 told me but still not sure naughtymanolo..
    i'll pm u once i've decided to come along *eventhough i would feel shy to meet all of u guys* :lol:
  13. lol, dont feel timid, we all come here to share our deep dark secrets of purse obssessing. If you decide to come let me know so i can book a place for you! and invite any other tPF memebers you know in sydney!
  14. Welcome to the forum.

  15. They are COMPLETELY sold out thru LV. About a month ago the San Fran store (I think it was san fran) got one in as a return and that went immediately, I think to a PFer.

    Ebay is the best place. But be careful and know your item well as they fake this bag ALOT.

    I have a Mono Mizi and I adore it. One of my favorite LVs. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Here is my baby: