where to find missing letter on MK bags

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just bought a new large sutton and did not see that the H is missing on the Michael Kors name. Does anyone know where I can buy the missing letter. The seller does not take returns. The picture was blurry so I didn't see it clearly. I'm so bum. Should I try to return or find the missing H. :shucks:: paid $150
  2. Oh no that's annoying, did they not mention it to you prior to purchase then? Very cheeky of them! Could it be sent to Michael kors for repair? Might not cost that much and still end up being a bargain?
  3. Was it an eBay seller? If so, they will have to accept the return, especially if this was not clearly disclosed in the auction. You will just have to "open a case" with the seller. :smile:
  4. And if you paid by PayPal you are covered of they refuse :smile:
  5. I agree with Suz and Keishapie. If the seller didn't disclose that information they are required to take the return. It is the sellers responsibility to accurately describe the item. Definitely open a SNAD case if they refuse to accept a return.

    ETA: the above info is if you purchased on eBay.
  6. I would send it back. The missing letter was not disclosed & even if the seller does not make refunds, you will be covered by SNAD. I would contact the seller & ask for a refund & show clear picture of the missing letter. If the seller still refuses, open a SNAD. But still give the seller the opportunity to make it right.
  7. Thank you so much everyone. I'll go ahead and request refund. Yes seller did not disclosed that fact, had receipt and other pictures. Glad it's covered by eBay. Appreciate all your comments and advice. Buying an mk bag should bring you happiness not disappointment! I'll be extra extra careful next time. I'm usually lucky and got great bargains.

  8. Good luck & let us know how it goes! :smile: