Where to find Maxene boots in clay? Possibly on sale?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I :heart: those boots, especially in clay :heart:

    Unfortunately I've missed a bargain from a Coach Store in NJ and now these boots seem to be sold out in size 7.5 or 8...

    Do YOU have an idea or hint where to find them? I'll be glad about any answer :flowers:
  2. I had to call Coach CS and have them tell me stores thru out the county that might have my size in clay. I called a few and found one that did, and they were on sale. You could try that...or there is always eBay!!
  3. Thanks for your help! :tup: On eBay there are no clays in my size, but I'll try it and call the Coach CS. Can you pls give me the number? I'm from Germany and have no idea where to find it, excepting through the store locator on their homepage, which isn't working since a few days..
  4. sure! It's 888-262-6224. I can't remember what the US country code is for calling...is it 99?
  5. Thank you, ellacoach :flowers:

    I wrote an e-mail to the CS and got an answer very quickly: "The Maxene Boot, No. Q262 is sold out in our Coach retail stores and warehouse. We will not be expecting any additional shipments." It seems as if a call would be needless.. great pity :crybaby:
  6. These boots went super fast. Best bet is to keep doing a worldwide search on eBay until your size pops up.