Where to find Marc by MJ

  1. I am searching for a certain wallet and I'm having a problem finding it. Online I've checked all the major websites.. eluxury, nm, Saks, bloomingdales, Nordstroms, and I checked Zappos also.. and I can't find it.. I've also checked in the saks, bloomingdales, and Nordstroms stores by me with no luck.:sad: does anyone know any other reputable websites or stores that I could check to possibly find Marc by MJ products?
  2. Have you tried calling a MbMJ boutique?
  3. no i haven't actually, i don't know why that didn't cross my mind.. i don't know how to even find one though because on the mj website i can't find anything about store locations or anything
  4. There's a MbyMJ in S.F. on Fillmore St. - Order and return policy is like the collection boutique; ie. no returns - BUT if it's in inventory still, they will get it to you.
    Search these threads for SA names and phone numbers of the MbyMJ boutiques and give them a call.

    Other good sites for MbyMJ: ShopBop, Barney's Co-op, StandardStyle
  5. Which wallet are you looking for?
  6. Try www.shopbop.com, they have a selection of wallets and such, good luck!
  7. Thanks, I think its called the lovely button zip wallet or something along those lines... i saw it on the eluxury website a few days ago but now its gone and they have a similar one but it doesn't have the button with all the credit card compartments.. they have it on net-a-porter but i was kind of wary of the high shipping costs and tax since i'm in NY but i ended up ordering it from them just now because I thought I'd never find it otherwise.
  8. Check out http://couture.zappos.com, they have a good selection of MbMJ bags, plus I think they have free overnight shipping. I've heard nothing but great things about their customer service too.