Where to find large sized spy

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts as to where to find the large sized spy that was discontinued?
    Thanks a bunch!!
  2. I think eBay or consignment shops are your only option, good luck hunting one down. I have seen a few pop up here and there.
  3. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Yup, I saw a large cognac on eBay recently. It might still be up, too!
  5. GE -- The Large spy that came out in 2005 is very rare, even on ebay. Verify that the style code on the leather serial number strip sewn into lining of bag has a code 8BR512 rather than 8BR511 . It is usually 21 - 22 inches wide at the base. Some sellers call their spy "large spy" because it is bigger than Baby Spy, and because the true large spy has been discontinued. Also, there are fakes of this bag, get it authenticated in this forum.

    Good Luck! ;)
  6. I missed this one :crybaby:and I am so bummed!