Where to find Jacobs By Marc Jacobs Tote

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    Does anyone know where I can buy this? Does anyone know if it is sold at the Marc Jacobs store in San Francisco or in Vegas at the Cesar's forum.

  2. I bought mine over the summer from eBay. :yes: You might want to ask this in the Marc Jacobs subforum, as it would get more attention from the MJ aficionados there. :yes:
  3. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago from the MBMJ store in NY.
  4. I saw a ton at the LA MBMJ store during Labor day weekend. They'll ship an order for you for $20 s/h. Great opportunity to pick up some other goodies too.
  5. i bought my from the newbury store in boston during labor day weekend. they had tons!
  6. Have you tried eBay?
  7. i got mine in nyc on bleecher steret :smile: (love). but u can get one on eBay
  8. opps i mean bleeker.

    anyone have the keychain that says MbMJ
  9. I don't think they'll have it in the forum shops in Vegas as it's a collection store. In San Francisco, the MBMJ on Filmore should have it but not the collections store (near Union Square somewhere, not that it matters).

    I think it's just the MBMJ stores that stock the special items. Good luck. :smile:
  10. Great deal. I want one too.