Where to find info on leathers & hardware?

  1. New to Hermes, would love someday to own one. Read through all the info guides & googled & can't find a site that lists the various leather types. Still not even sure of my "ideal" bag, maybe a kelly? Thanks!

  2. Read through the Hermes Reference Library:smile:
  3. Yes, I did that (that's what I meant by the info guide) but it doesn't show every leather, does it? Is there just a list? Togo, clemence, etc...do all bag styles come in all types of leather?
  4. Oops--I just found the catalog--that was exactly what I was looking for. The past few weeks, I've just been browsing through all the pics writing down what I like & so forth. LOL...this will be much easier.

  5. Are you close to branch of Hermes? Once you have read through some of the information here, then it is great fun to go to a store and see, touch and smell some of the leathers in real life. The SAs are usually very kind and if they see you already know a little, they are very keen to show you and educate you a little more. Rather than going in and saying 'please tell me about the leathers?', try a more specific question, along the lines of, 'could you please show me the difference between clemence and togo? or 'could you show me what gold looks like in different leathers?' or just choose a bag or leather item you like the look of and ask the SA to tell you about that particular leather and its properties - like rain resistance, slouchiness etc. Most SAs love the talk about Hermes. The photos and information are really useful here but nothing beats seeing the leather in real life; some leathers are simply not as photogenic as others. Try and have a look at the agendas in an Hermes store, there is usually a good selection of different leathers and colours to compare side by side. To try and find the best leather for you, you need to ask yourself what appeals the most, smooth or grained, shiny or matte, heavy or light and also your lifestyle, does it need to work hard and be resisitant to rain? The colours all vary according to the leather, it's no good seeing rouge H in chevre and then ordering it in togo, they will look different. The hardware is personal choice and causes many headaches here, as people have both silver and gold jewelley. My own opinion is to match up the colour of the bag with the best hardwear for that colour irrespective what what colour jewellery you are wearing. Some leather colours are great with gold and palladium (silver) hardwear but others seem to lend themselves one way or another, cooler colours look good with silver, warmer with gold, however a deliberate 'clash' can look very contemporary too. It comes down to personal choice in the end. You also need to suss out the best size for you in bags, there's a big choice in Kelly plus 2 styles, retourne and sellier. Birkins are usually 30 or 35 cm, it makes a big difference and it's important to try and get it right as they are such big investments, LOL