Where to find gret pre-used purses

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  1. I am really wanting to by a pre-used purse and was wondering if anybody knew some sites...I am not real wild about eBay and have heard about Ann's Fabulous Finds. Do you know if Ann's sells any fakes or any places similar? thanks!
  2. Hi,

    I know that bagborroworsteal.com has an outlet section in which they sell bags that have been borrowed. They also have some that were never carried. The prices aren't that bad and at least you know the purses are authentic. HTH!
  3. Thanks so much! I can't wait to check these places out!
  4. Sorry, typed to fast.
  5. Hi,

    Where do you find Ann's?
  6. Thanks alot...some great sites!
  7. I have heard nice things about this shop. I ordered a small (non-purse) item from them. They did not send an e-mail confirmation of order, but they did send a notice when it shipped.
  8. I just looked at their Marc Jacobs handbags and the prices are outrageous! They are selling a used MbMJ bag for several hundred dollars more than it cost new!! :nogood:
  9. ok... TECHNICALLY...... isn't a "pre-used" bag a BRAND NEW bag ??? Pre meaning "prior to" doesn't that mean "prior to being used"? "Pre" is entirely overused and usually wrong- same with pre-owned cars- USED CARS !!! COME ON !!!!!

  10. I second jemznjewels. Amazing collection of bags.:drool::drool::drool:
  11. One tip-- as someone said before is to know the retail price. Some of the "used" bags are going for retail or slightly under retail prices which is not a good deal if you can pay a little more and get the bag new. Ex: on Anns they have listed a white used twiggy bag for around 900 but you can buy it new from diabro.net for 954.

    Not knocking Anns, I like them. But just know your pricing.
  12. no. pre = "previously" not prior-to. so pre-used means previously-used.

    not confusing at all.