Where to find good deals on Juicy Velour?

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  1. Can anyone give me ideas on where to find some deals on Juicy Track sets? I would appreciate any help anyone could give! Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have seen some being sold @ Nordstorm Rack and Loehman's. Also, if you have Saks Fifth in the area, you may want to check it out.
  3. Shirley and Company have all of their Juicy track suits on sale 40% off right now and they offer free shipping over 75$ and you can take another 20% off with code purseforum
  4. i've seen a bunch at tj maxx recently
  5. one time i went in to NR and they had about 4-5 rounders of juicy track suits!
  6. I just got a cute velour suit from Revolve. They just have the 15% code right now...it helps some. Plus free shipping and returns. And super fast service.
  7. Tj maxx! :smile:
  8. Nordstorm Rack in Orlando had them at 60% off.
  9. why did this old thread from over a year ago get bumped????
  10. Yep, TJ Maxx. I've seen some velour jackets for $50 and velour pants for 40 or 50. There're a bunch on ebay but i would watch out for fakes.
  11. def tj maxx or marshalls they always have a bunch in stock
  12. Also, I got an email today from Juicy stating that their Friends & Family sale is from November 11-18. It's 30% off purchase. They probably won't have the best deal, but if you want newer stuff, it might be a good option.
  13. Saw Juicy track suits at Filene's Basement as well.
  14. does the friend and family work on sale items?
  15. It says "Offer applies to full price and sale merchandise" There are some exclusions, but it's such fine print, I can't read it - I think fragrance and strollers are excluded and one other thing.