Where to find Gerard Darel online?

  1. Just wanting to collate a list of sites that sell Gerard Darel bags - I've tried searching but there hasn't been much in the way of stockists. I know that bagshop.com has some, but that's about it. Anyone know of anywhere else they can be found?
  2. GREGORY'S stocks gerard darel, last i checked
  3. I just ordered a brown 24hr from "gregorysshoes.com." They are located in Dallas, TX and I dealt with Jon. I really love the bag but the color wasn't what I expected. The picture on the website seems to be more of a golden camel color and the one I received was a darker brown. I still love the bag and the leather is nice and soft and smells great! I have been wearing the bag ever since! (It replaced my Kooba)
  4. Gaby- I've been considering the gray GD from that site- was yours $398 or did you happen to get a better price? Glad to hear you are happy with the purchase! :smile:
  5. Hi betnyp,
    Yes, I got it for $398 and the shipping was around $20. I am actually still waiting to hear back from them because my drawstring literally snapped in half when I tried to secure the bow (I think the leather was a bit dry on the string). I asked if they could recommend who to contact to replace it. I wonder if anyone else had the same problem. Anyway, I hear the gray one is really nice!
    Good Luck:drool:
  6. wow- I'm sorry to hear that...will be interested to hear if they handle that issue well- keep us posted! (and thanks for the info :smile:
  7. This is a great thread!

    OP- What bag are you looking for?
  8. Try bagshop.com, delcina.com, shoprumor.com and sometimes they pop up on yoox.com.