Where to find discounted Prada flat nylon cross body bag?

  1. Hello, newbie here... I stumbled upon this forum as I was searching for a Prada flat nylon cross body bag, the kind that was really popular several years ago. I'm going on a trip to Europe and would like one for travelling. I found the small size (8" x 7") on Amazon at a pretty good price ($165), but I can't seem to find the larger size (around 9" x 11") for less than $450... has anyone out there seen one of these lately at a good price and can you point me to it? Thanks so much!
  2. I Seen It At Loehmans Chevy Chase Md
    And Filenes Basement Rockville Some Months Back
  3. You might have luck at Saks Off 5th. They tend to carry a lot of the basic nylon bags, and in lots of colors too. And they're always sending out coupons.

    Have you tried bluefly.com?
  4. I don't have a Filene's near me, but I do have a Saks Off Fifth, I'm going to check there later today, thanks for the suggestion!
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