Where to find Designer Shawls or Scarves?!?!?!

  1. Hi. Does any one know where I can find designer scarves and shawls? I want one thats big enough to throw over my shoulders for those breezy spring or winter nights. Thanks
  2. I find that Burberry carries lots of those.
  3. hermes, LV, and pucci also make great large silk scarves :P
  4. Hermes, but these are VEERY pricey. The ultimate in silk, silk/cashmere or all cashmere scarves. Loro Piana also makes amazing opera shawls and pashmina type goodies. Try the Neiman Marcus website. :smile:
  5. I love the Etro scarves - mostly find them at NM here in Houston, and some at Saks.
  6. I also like shawls by Dolce & Gabbana. I found some gorgeous shawls for sale in the website of the Metropolitan Museum.