WHERE to find Cole Haan Satchel in Gunmetal

  1. This probably won't help you but I saw this at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver for $175 CAN. If you know someone in Canada, maybe they could get it and ship it to you? I think it would probably be worth it to pay the shipping, considering the amount of money you would save.
  2. Forgot to say, it was on sale.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in Canada - but thanks for the idea!
  4. Hi Jewlz2121...I was searching for you as well, and I found this one.The bag pictured on the link you posted is called the Village Soft Satchel. I found one on NM called the Ruched Satchel.

    I wanted to make sure it wasn't that one before I continue looking for it.
  5. Thanks, but no - it is the one I have posted from the link at the top from the cole haan website! That one is pretty too, but even more pricey....:smile:
  6. You're right...they are both really cute. I will look through all my websites to see if I can locate it and at the same time look for codes. One bit of advice.....if you see it available online, try writing the store to inquire about a new customer discount. I ALWAYS write to them to ask if they will match the Revolve new customer 30% discount. Some have agreed to match it!!! Most of those that declined at least agreed to a 10% or 20% price reduction!!
  7. Zappos.com had it last time I checked:yes:
  8. Zappos costs more than the stores for everything they sell because they build in the cost of shipping which they say is free. It's not! : (

    Cole Haan is available at Bloomingdales. They are having an additional 15% off "instore" purchases right now. They probably have your bag!
  9. beverly center bloomies has the bag but it is not on sale. there was a 15% off special at select bloomies this past wednesday. there is 15% off next weekend, but that is already reduced prices. i think you are going to have trouble finding this one sale, i believe it is a fall bag and won't go on sale for a few months.
  10. ^^ Ditto.

    You're definitely going to have a problem finding this bag on sale until at least Christmas time as it is part of the fall collection. I know some Macy's carry cole haan, even lord and taylors.. maybe wait until you find a Friends and Family coupon or some kind of one day sale or something at Macy's

    Good luck on the hunt!
  11. I have that bag...love it...the leather is so soft, and the color is really unique...I have a thread somewhere that has some pics if you haven't seen it IRL.
  12. Well, if you have to pay shipping plus cost of bag elsewhere then having the shipping costs built in at Zappos.com isn't much difference. Plus there is no sales tax at Zappos (unless your in KY or NV) Something I would have to pay if I went to Bloomies. Sometimes if places are a little higher up front, it can still end up being a better deal in the end. I love Zappos & have ordered many bags from them.
  13. It's the hunt and the challenge. Good Luck!