where to find-CL Anemone

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  1. I need these shoes! I was about to buy them on net-a-porter but i lost internet connection and when i got it back the next day...they were all gone!!

    i am in ireland and we only have one store that carries CL and they never got them. Did anywhere but Net carry these online?

  2. In the states I know that Barneys New York has them. Why don't you try the CL boutique?
  3. Squeak - the Anenome is currently at Barneys in NYC in both red and black. Barneys has them in the same version that Net-a-porter carried them in, the 120mm heel. Saks also has the Anenome in black only but they ordered the shorter 100mm heel.

    If you want my opinion, I say go for the 120mm heel because the bow is slightly bigger than the 100mm heel shoe. Plus 120mm is so much sexier, and they are cheaper!
    It is very interesting because the price at Barneys and Saks is different. Barneys has them on sale for $925 (which I believe is the same price that the CL boutiques had them on sale for). And Saks has them on sale for $1,025.
    Good luck!

    PM me if you want me to give you my SA information at both of these stores.
  4. I am pretty sure that the CL boutiques have already sold out of the Anenome because they received them pretty early in the season. But I guess it is worth a try.
    I think that the last time I saw them on display at the Madison Ave store was about 6 weeks ago.
  5. kamilla, how do i pm you? ok so i need to get them from barneys but i live in ireland!! do you think they would accept credit card payment and send them on to me?
  6. Squeak - I think they would but I don't know for sure. You can try calling my SA at Barneys in NYC, his name is Andreas, and he could be reached at 212.826.8900. I think he is there today so it is worth calling him today.
  7. kamilla, any chance he has an email? i just can't ring the states from my cell. thanks
  8. or has anyone in london seen them on sale, as my sister lives there
  9. Jeffrey's in Atlanta has them.
  10. Barneys in Boston also has them in red and black as of tonight. Phone is (617) 385-3350 - sorry I don't have an email address.
  11. Squeak, I saw black satin Anemones in the CL boutique in Motcomb Street about a week ago. They didn't have them in my size though. Their phone number: 020 7245 6510.
    Good luck!
  12. jo-mitzi, what size are you? i am a 38. i am going to call them first thing tomorrow. a reputable seller on ebay is gonna have them, but for $1200 which is a bit much for me!

    they are back on net a porter too, but only in a 36 :sad:
  13. Squeak - did you speak with Andreas at Barneys? I saw them again today.
  14. not yet, gonna call him today

  15. I'm 37.5. Have you called them yet? Try also Harrods, I think they had it as well, but I'm not 100% sure.