Where to find Chanel Sunnies?

  1. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I'm new to this sub-forum and Chanel. Is there a list of places to shop stores, online shops, re-sellers, used items?

    The only place I know of is Nordstrom. I also
    prefer if I can find a place that sells below retail (like a reputable consignment store?)

    Thanks everyone!
  2. You can use the store locator on Chanel.com
    eBay is of course an option but be careful authenticity-wise.

    Neimans and Saks both sell Chanel sunnies as well.
    Solstice Sunglass boutique does too- they are a B&M store though.
  3. chanel sunnies never go on sale at the dept stores but i was able to get mine for 20% off at the bloomies f&f sale.
  4. I'm told I can get a discount through AAA and lenscrafter. I didn't know they even had Chanel.