Where to find bow fumo grey/graphite?

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  1. Hi everyone

    Now I'm trying to find miu miu bow bag in fumo grey or graphite (I'm not sure what the color is called). It looked like a combination of grey and purple to me (It is the one in the pic). I went to store in NY but they are sold out. Anyone know where to find it? And can I order the store to ship to my house? Thank you so much :yahoo:

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  2. Hi dear,

    Indeed it looks like fumo. I have one.

    Well, I think they have it in miu miu in Malaysia but you're in New York right?

    Dunno if miu miu Malaysia can ship it over.
  3. paewwaew, even if they are sold out, could you ask them to track one down for you? 'cause they are sold out in New York but there are other stores in the US
  4. i just bought one yesterday in soho, nyc! love it.
  5. ...just received a message from Renato(LA Boutique) today that the Fumo Bow Bag is coming back to his store now.
  6. I also got an email from Renato that his store has a fumo bow bag selling USD 1430.

    His contact details:

    Renato Alagao

    317 N Rodeo Drive
    Beverly Hills CA 90210
    phone +1.310.247.2227
    fax +1.310.2473216
  7. Thank you so much everyone. I will try contacting Renato!!