Where to find BLUEBERRY Balenciaga?

  1. Ahhh... I need some help!!

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a blueberry bbag- either the day or city?? I have finally decided that this is the color that I would really love for my first bbag... but I have no idea how to track it down?!?! (Since it is unfornuately from 2006... :sad: )

    They are few and far between on eBay, but I would really like to buy from retail store if possible... does anyone know??? I am willing to consider most styles in blueberry, I am just obssessed with this color now!! Twiggy, first, day, city, etc...

    Thanks in advance!!! I appreciate any help or suggests you can give a bbag newbie!! :yes:
  2. Tryed Neimans, and they told me they didn't have any left in the system... but I know from a recent MJ experience that if I could find a store that has it directly, I have a much better shot of someone letting me know about it...
  3. Balenciaga in NY has a gorgeous blueberry Day. There was only one nice one according to Daphne, so if you want it call. I posted a picture of it in another thread .
  4. Thanks powderpuff!! I will look for that picture!!

    Is the phone number for BalNY in that post too? (Sorry, I did mention I'm a newbie, right? :biggrin: )

    I'll call them first thing tomorrow... oh, please, please - I hope they still have it!!
  5. there was a large blueberry whistle on the sale table at NM King of Prussia tonight.
    It was a bit over a thousand, and then another 25% off.
  6. Your kitties are TDF!!

    There is a blueberry weekender (a gigantic bag) and a blueberry day at the NM Denver.
  7. there's a blueberry day at the Houston Galleria Neimans last I checked...may have seen a city but not positive..
  8. There is a Blueberry Purse on eBay right now from very nice a PFer!
  10. Just so you know snobshopper.com has a blueberry day on her website and she is a fabulous PFer Thompk.
  11. i just bought a blueberry day from aloharag.com a couple of months ago... they might have some more left! :yahoo: send them an email and ask!
  12. I got my blueberry courier from Browns of London and I am sure they ship worldwide - it was on sale too - they might have returns left - its worth shot, good luck
  13. I received a blueberry first from Aloharag one week ago. I'm not sure if they have any left at this point, but they have great customer service if you give them a call: 808.589.2050. Good luck!