Where to find antique jewelry?

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  1. Hi all :flowers: yesterday i had the pleasure of finding a fabulous antique jewelry store here in the city. I tried on some gorgeous rings, but the majority of them were out of my price range. One in particular was from the 1860's and I absolutely loved it! I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where to find similar, older pieces, whether its online or in an actual store. The older stuff is so beautiful - they don't make it anymore, and I like the idea of getting an heirloom piece.

    Thanks in advance! :upsidedown:
  2. I started looking through Fay Cullen's site, b/c I LOVE art deco everything, especially jewelry and furniture. If I get married one day, I'd be headed here to check out the selection. Or for a right hand one w/ some time saving...

    I love this ring... and so many others on the site!
  3. Thanks for the websites. I'm trying to learn about the different gems & stones.
  4. These are some of my favorite web sites for antique jewelry. The first link has a variety of different pieces. Some are genuine estate pieces while others are made to look old. Its nice because the often have sales. Isadoras is also great for the wide variety. The last link has mostly engagement rings I think (which are fun to look at), but they also have bands and sapphires sometimes which can be worn as non-engagement pieces. I've also found great things on ebay that are truly inexpensive.



  5. thank you for all the fabulous website suggestions!
  6. Some jewelry stores have an "estate" section where they sell antique jewelery.
  7. My goodness...so beautiful!

    Thanks for the infos on the sites ladies!!!!!!!