Where to find a wide selection online...

  1. I have been to all of the dept store websites that carry Prada, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. Where else can I go to get a good idea of what Prada carries?
  2. Have a look at Styledrops.com. Even if you don't want to buy from them, you can get a pretty good idea of what Prada is up to. They have a huge selection on their website. Right now, they are the best place for reference I can think of (online that is).
  3. Is Raffaello Network a reputable seller? Are their bags authentic?
  4. ^yes
  5. Jill,

    You are the best!! I was going to buy a Gucci, but I might switch to Prada if I can find a good one on that website.
  6. ^sometimes Raffaello is a tad higher in Price..So check all the sites for prices..But they are all legit(the ones I listed)
  7. Actually, Raffaello is pretty picked over right now, as far as Prada anyway. I love their website for reference when they do have a good supply in, though. They give great photos, close-ups, different angles and you really get a good look at the details of the bags. :yes:
  8. Hi. Has anyone got any tips for buying Prada & Miu Miu online or in store in the UK? I've tried Harvey Nicks but locating Miu Miu is proving hard. I'm particularly interested in the soft calf satchel. Thanks.
  9. Good Morning sarajane...

    Why don't you try calling Saks and asking if they will ship to you? Here's the soft calf satchel they have in stock -- not on the site, but if you call they have it available:

    Miu Miu - Calf Leather Satchel - Saks.com

    I also have some pix of this bag in 2 diff. colors I posted last nite here:

    I bought the leather one at NM and the suede one at Rafaello. Hope this helps... Good luck!
  10. Hi Padparasha - That is the exact bag I am after, it is so beautiful. I emailed Saks but they won't ship internationally. Ironically BG do (have just ordered a Gryson from them) but they don't have the bag in the colour I want!
    I'm keeping everything crossed that the Miu Miu flagship store in London will have it when it re-opens after a re-fit this weekend as Selfridges only had it in black and white, I've set my heart on the brown. I'm a newie to Miu Miu as I have been a Mulberry girl for years and then got a Chloe Paddington. I tried the Edith but, boy, is it heavy and just didn't love it. It's the slouchy Italian bags for me. Any more tips on how I can get my hands on that fab bag, gratefully received.
  11. Hi SaraJane...
    you know I was thinking... one place that may ship that to you is Vega$... I will be there next week, so if I see the bag I'll let you know, then you can call them and order it! :yahoo:

    You never know what I'll find in Vega$!!!!! I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!:yahoo:
  12. Hi Padparasha,
    What is Vega$ - I'm presuming the place but then again guess it could be a store.
    I'm coming up a brick wall over here in the UK - I can get the white & the black but not the brown.
    Liberty say they may get more in but as it's the winter stock I doubt it.
    If you do see the bag that would be fab. Big thanks.
  13. Ok, realising now you must mean Las Vegas! Anyway progress has been made. A contact has secured me the soft calf satchel in off-white so I can't wait for it to arrive - my first Miu Miu!