WHERE to find a Purse in Blue India ???

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  1. Anybody knows where I could find a Purse in Blue India :confused1: :s :shame: ???
  2. I bet Danae would know - she searched high and low, and she's in Europe too, I think.
    Did you try Bal NY?
  3. which season is that from?
  4. Thank you slinks ;) - I already asked Danae, she found it on a store in Australia. I fear they don't have any more :sad: . No, I didn't try to ask Bal NY - do you know how to contact here from Europe :s ?

    pinkish..... it's from fall 2006 season :yes:
  5. I haven't emailed anyone at Bal NY but I know some girls here have... I just call them usually (212)206-0872. Good luck Firstclass!!!
  6. Ohhh l_b :nuts: !!! THANK YOU very much :yahoo: !! I'll try to email . . . crossing fingers they will have one for me ;) :love:
  7. firstclass1...when I ordered my ink2 weeks ago, I talked to Lily (owner of CultStatus) and she is expecting new shipment of bbags... maybe you can email them and ask if she ordered any BI purse:yes:

  8. Thank you yayaflower :love: I already emailed to cultstatus - I'm waiting to the answer :yes: ! And I already got an answer from Bal NY: they don't have a purse in Blue India anymore :sad: .
  9. i just emailed cultstatus about what they have in purse and box styles, no blue india ... but this is what they have

    PURSE AUD$1695 / Export Price AUD$1541(GST EXCLUDED)
    FW06 : Brown, Camel, Sapin, Oxblood,
    SS06: Lilac, Pale Rose, Grey

    The Box AUD$1549 / Export Price AUD$1408 (GST EXCLUDED)
    SS06: Lilac, Pale Rose,
    FW05 : Caramel, Brown
  10. msflutter ..... thank you so much for letting me know :love: !! I really want a Blue India .... or if not possible to get it, I also would love an 'older' one in a bright color - but they are not available in stores anymore :sad:
  11. firstclass - aloha rag doesn't have it either - I checked there a little while ago.