Where to find a party dress?

  1. I'm looking for a cute, flirty party dress to wear to my college's Senior Ball at the Park Plaza in Boston this May. I'll also wear the dress on a Bermuda/Carribbean cruise I'm taking with some girlfriends in June.

    I've always wanted a Betsey Johnson dress like this one:


    but I don't see anything on their site right now that I like. Basically, I want something girly that looks like a cupcake! I'd prefer to wear any colors other than black and white

    Anyone know of places to get cute party dresses? :balloon:

  2. my fave brand is Ginger & java...very cute, but on the short side, dresses! I have three by them...and they are all very fun and flirtatious!
  3. There is a Betsey Johnson store right on Newbury Street in Boston.
  4. I know, thank you :yes:

    I'm just not thrilled with any of their dresses right now
  5. Are they still having the sale? If so, the fall poufy cupcake dresses should still be there.

    Also, a lot of clothes are still coming in so you should check in a few weeks/months.... Every season Betsey Johnson always releases some of her signature promish dresses!

    Also, maybe check out BCBG. They have some poufy dresses though not super super poufy like Betsey Johnson.

    For older styles, you may want to go to the outlet store in Woodbury Commons.
  6. Thanks for your help, Sonya!
  7. Well, when I saw the title of your thread "Betsey Johnson" immediately came to mind but I see that has been pretty well covered. I've found nice stuff at Ann Taylor before but not sure about "cupcake"-y. Good luck and plz post a pic of your dress when you get it!

    PS How 'bout Bebe?
  8. Lilly Pulitzer has some pretty cute dresses..
    They're not cup-cakey, but really cute and girly..
  9. i find anthropologie always reliable for many different types of dresses.
  10. BCBG

    Diane Von Furstenburg