Where To Find a Mini Twiggy??

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  1. So, I have purchased two b'bags in the last month, and have absolutely no business being on the hunt for another. BUT....

    I find myself on the hunt for a mini Twiggy. I would love to get a cornflower or some other "pop" color. I have rummaged ebay and AFF and realdealcollection (they have one, but it's dolma green, not exactly a "pop" color), and everywhere else I can think of, but haven't seen a thing. Any ideas where to look or what to do other than be patient?

  2. eBay. And the mini Twiggy does not come in cornflower; I have only seen mini Twiggys in 2005 colours.
  3. Wasn't sure anyone was going to answer this. Thanks, Roxane!
  4. I really wish they still made the mini twiggy. I LOVE mine and I use them all the time. If they made more colors, I would have them all.