Where to find a "makeup" cosmetic bag?

  1. Does anywhere other than BNY sell these?

    What is there retail price?

    If anyone has seen any please give me a heads up.

  2. I think any retailer that carries Bal should have this. Retail (starting S/S 08) is $495, prior to 2008 it was $475. I know Barneys has some, AR probably as well.
  3. ^^Does NM carry them? I'd love an electric blue one!
  4. AR doesn't carry accessories, but Barneys seattle has jaune and Barneys bev hills has it in jaune and pine i believe. i talked to them yesterday. retail is $495. hth!!
  5. NM doesn't carry the makeup but does carry the shoulder which is pretty much the makeup w/ a strap. It's about $695
  6. Barneys carries the makeup, that's where I bought mine!
  7. I called BNY today and they said they already SOLD OUT of the makeup bag in the new spring colors. She said I could pre-order for their next shipment, but that they think they'll only get one or two more of this seasons colors in the makeup! Yikes! What the heck? Are they THAT rare?
  8. No, they're not that rare - it just seems that BalNY orders very limited quantities, and they all go to the people on the wait lists. At least this seems to be the case with accessories.
  9. ^^ Since none of the NM stores near me (D.C.) seem to stock the Makeup bags I guess I'll have to consider pre-order? I prefer to see the bag first, but I guess there's not a lot of other options. Humm....