Where to find a good used Bearn tri-fold?

  1. I have been looking on eBay..not anything legit there. Does anyone know of some good re-sellers with a tri-fold Bearn? I am open to any colors at this time. I have been looking for a week and I am not having any luck.

    Thanks for your help:tup:
  2. Hi Ghost55, I don't know where to find one, I am also searching for something trifold in chevre. I couldn't find one in Paris & today I went to my local store, they didn't have any, before I left for Europe they had one in Violet chevre, it's gone now....
    Any leather in particular that you are looking for? Hardware?
    I am set on chevre, a bright color & any hardware will do.....
  3. ^^ I will keep an eye out for you. I don't really care what color or type of leather at this point. It seems as though they are pretty hard to come by especially used in my case. :shrugs:
  4. hmmm.
    medusa: you looking for new tri-fold? I think my store has some! In chevre of course!
  5. yorelica,yes, a new one, chevre:nuts: !!!Wow what colors have you seen?
  6. ghost55,a few months back www.luxury-shop.com had some bearns,right now a bifold bearn, check there from time to time....
  7. Luxury-Zurich always some nice wallets. Email Pete or Mario and tell them what you want. They are very nice to work with.
  8. Thanks guys!
  9. there were so many colors, any specific one you looking for?
    I'll check next time I'm in the store.

    Sure there was almost every color (some bi some tri)
  10. Yorelica, thanks for offering to check, so sweet of you! I just got back from the H-store today, the SA found me the violet bearn that was 'gone', I will go ahead & get that one.:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  11. WONDERFUL! I also have a chevre, tri-fold in caramel that I love! Violet sounds yummy...
  12. I have a orange chevre tri fold bearn on the way..Can't wait to see it in person...