Where to find a gently used neverfull?

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  1. Where would you guys recommend I look for a gently used neverfull?

    I've been checking the list of consignment shops, but find they have very few neverfulls, if any. I'm not too sure about ebay as I'm worried about it being fake.
  2. If you find one on EBay you can have it authenticated on this website. I purchased a bag off EBay and was very pleased. The seller was patient while I had it authenticated before I bought it! Good Luck!
  3. You can also check Bonanza. Don't forget to get it authenticated here prior to purchasing. Good luck on your search!
  4. you can try memestreasures she gets them in sometimes, I buy all my pre owned LV from her;)
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    What size are you looking for? Yoogis has a PM on there now.
  6. A lot people recommend yoogi's closet.