Where to find a chic black hairband??

  1. I have a bob similar to Jessica Simpson's cut and have been using Pucci scarfs as hairbands in the summer. But now it's fall/winter and I would love to find some cute, darker (preferably black) hairbands to wear. Suggestions, anyone??

    The styles I'm looking for are:
  2. I don't know if they have black ones or not, but Forever 21 has a lot of nice headbands..I just got a black and white polka dot one there the other day.
  3. h&m have a lot of things like that. and topshop too, all of mine are from those two.
  4. I've been looking for headbands also...however don't you find some of them to just hurt so bad!! if they are too tight they give me headaches. Look at the patent one from forever 21 and then at the checkered!! The patent headband might as well have a couple razor blades attached. :lol:

    So, I actually look at the opening at the bottom of the band to determine whether it's wearable or not. lol

    Anthropologie has some that don't look too ouchy.
  5. Danica, my thoughts exactly! :yes: That's why I've been using Pucci scarfs instead of actual hairbands or else I get headaches after a while... Tried J Crew ones before and they hurt after a few hours. :Push: I saw a Eugenia Kim hairband at a local boutique but it was marked at $95 and it was plain navy blue. Sure looks comfy though. Let me know if you have better luck than me.
  6. Nestlings nutmeg flexible hair headband fall.jpg

  7. I'm glad someone else understands me!! haha I'll definately let you know if I find something good!

    Passerby, I like the idea of those headbands, it might be something to try, although at the moment, I'm looking for patent.:flowers:
  8. BTW Danica (or anyone else interested), if you haven't bought stuff on etsy before and are a bit hesitant, I've ordered small items from six or seven sellers so far and the transaction experience has been delightful. Coin pouches, earrings, a pocket mirror, etc have been shipped to me promptly all the way from the US to Singapore . I sincerely hope you'll give Nestlings a try - seems like many other Etsy sellers (from the feedback - danglebeads, starrydesigns, SanFranciscoCrafts etc ) buy her headbands as well. And no, I don't know Nestlings from Adam :smile: