where to find a campeggio or cucciolo baby bag for a much well deserving mom :)

  1. hey guys,
    first post, hope I get this right :smile:

    First off, I can't believe how expensive and how many people are buying these purses, it's almost like a mini cult! At least I know I got the right place, and I do have to admit they are pretty cool looking :smile: Here I thought the last coach purse I got her 2 yrs. ago would be 'the last expensive' purse' I would ever give her. silly me.

    But this past few weeks, she's really been the best-est mommy and wifey in the world, I've been working crazy hours cause we just have product out, so my wife has been doing everything and she hasn't complained one bit!! I feel totally guilty about it, and thought I could splurge a little even if it is 'just a purse' :smile:

    I'm leaning towards the campeggio or cucciolo baby bag cause I know she's been looking for a baby bag, and I'm sure she'll love the tokidoki. Any suggestions whether those two are right? What's this transporto thing that I've seen some threads on?

    Now comes the hard part, do you guys know where I can still find them? I've tried looking online like at macy's or Nordstrom but they're both out of stock. Anyone know which b&m store might still carry them, specifically in the bay area? Lastly the price, where's the most inexpensive place to find this, once she finds out how much it cost, I'm afraid she'll feel guilty and want to return it, that's one reason I kinda want a local place, just in case she lets a little sense get into her :smile:

    wow, that was way longer than I thought! :smile:
  2. i think both campeggio and cucciolo are good sizes for baby bag. campeggio is smaller than cucciolo. you can find their dimension on the lesportsac website. transporto is the name of one of the print of the tokidoki line. you can find reference to all print information on the tokidoki blog. and in terms of where to get them, i think eBay is your best bet. their prices vary depending on the print you want. hope this helps.
  3. thanks for the reply, sorry do you have a link tot he tokidoki blog with the pictures of the prints? thanks in adv!
  4. sorry, got another question, would the buon viaggio be big enough?
  5. here's the link to the tokidoki blog

    you can fit quite a lot in the buon viaggio. and it depends on how the mommy likes to carry her bag. you carry the buon viaggio over the shoulder and the other two, you can also carry across the body and don't need to worry about the strap slipping off your shoulder.

  6. LINKS: Cucciolo and Buon Vaggio.
    This shop does not charge shipping, yes save $$$$ on shipping! I don't know of any other online store that offers free shipping.

    I don't recommend the BV as a diaper bag because it's inconvenient. The Cucciolo has outside pockets which do great.
  7. No to Avventura either. What moms need are outside pockets so they don't have to dig for stuff in a single section when the baby's crying. BV, Mama Mia and Avventura don't have them. Some moms use the Trenino. The mesh pockets outside the bags are not ideal for stashing things that need to be hygienic.
  8. ^^I think someone on here mentioned liking the BV as a diaper bag? I have no experience to say anything, but I think generally people like the Campeggio as a baby bag. :yes:

    angelah! :heart: loco roco!!
  9. I would say a Campeggio would be perfect for a baby bag.

    I own a few BV's and think they would work well as a baby bag too....well not as well as a Campeggio, but after baby is bigger (and if you don't plan to have more kiddies) the BV can be used as a everyday bag.
  10. I :heart: locoroco yeah!

    Avventura, BV and MM don't have a firm structure, have a collapsible base, and suit mothers with older toddlers who don't drink from milk bottles or use disposable diapers often. These bags can instead store toys. If baby is 0-20 mths old it's best to get a crossbody bag with a more solid structure especially at the base and covered exterior pockets.
  11. I have both Campeggios and Cucciolos that I use as diaper bags and they're both great styles. I do slightly prefer the Cucciolo, but they're both really nice as diaper bags. If you watch eBay you can get some decent deals on Tokidoki. I got my Paradiso Campeggio on eBay for about $90 shipped.
  12. If you want to save a few bucks, take a look at the Classic LSS Baby Bag (I linked to the Rex print, which is my favorite, but it comes in a lot of cute prints, like Miss You, the blue one with the hearts). It's $140 as opposed to $198, and you can order it directly from the LSS website (no need to worry about fakes). The side pockets look like they would be great for bottles, and like the Cucciolo, it comes with a changing pad. And it has different straps to be carried cross-body or on one shoulder.