Where to find a brown caviar jumbo?

  1. Are they out there? thanks

    And anyone who has one---when was the last time they were in stores?
  2. oh dear u just missed it =/ i saw one on eBay for 2100
  3. ^yea, it sold for $1800!
  4. hehe, i just popped into here to let you know that there was one on eBay... and yes, it ended at a great price!
  5. Anywhere else?? :crybaby:
  6. Ohhh, are you kidding me?! $1800?! Does anyone have that link? :amazed: I recently bought a mint condition brown caviar jumbo on eBay for around $2400, and considering the $2650 price point now, I thought it was a pretty decent deal... obviously $1800 would have been a lot better. :hysteric:

    I'm pretty sure the last time the brown Jumbo's were around was in the fall '06 season. I had a chance to get one at $2250 because my SA at NM randomly found one at a store that wasn't supposed to have it (the only one that showed in the entire system), but stupid me passed at the time. I'd check ebay if I were you, and if that doesn't work out (crossing my fingers that it does, and you get it for less than I did :smile:) I'm sure they will be released at some point again in the near future. :heart:
  7. damn that was a good deal
  8. What a steal for a great bag! I also remember seeing that bag at NM in fall of 2006...that was right when I was falling for Chanel so I did not realize how rare and amazing that bag was! I spent more for a lambskin one last year!