Where to find a Botkier Large Bianca in CHERRY? (Other than Botkier site)

  1. I haven't been able to find it on any other site. Karizma used to have it but not anymore. Where else can I find it?
  2. ???? These bags are selling fast I think. AE is out of metallic Plum Hobos already. JCMadison has a Medium Bianca in Cherry.
  3. i saw one at the Nordstrom in walnut creek, ca a couple of days ago....good luck!
  4. I thought I saw one the other night at the Nordstrom in Arden Fair (Sacramento)...
  5. Really?! And it wasn't just the medium one? I can't find any large Biancas on the Nordstrom site.
  6. I believe they are referring to the actual store - NOT the website. The website has a limited selection....you will most likely need to call a Nordstom store and ask them to ship it to you. I believe I saw a large one yesterday at the Nordstrom in Tysons Corner, VA. Call one store and they should be able to search their entire inventory nationwide for you. Good luck.
  7. Bloomingdales has them. (not sure about online but they have them in store)
  8. Thanks everyone! I'll check both Nordstrom and Bloomies!