Where to find a black metallic reissue?

  1. Ok I've run into a problem w/ less than knowlegable SA's thinking that they have one bag but it turns out to be another.

    I realize that SA's cannot possibly be an expert on every single style of every single brand .....SOOOOO

    please share w/ me your knowledge of what stores have the metallic reissue so I will know where to call.

    Like Neimans, norides, bloomies, etc.,

  2. My SA have one on hold for me in size 226 but I dont like the bag.
    Let me know if u are interested in it........
  3. OOps. i should have been more specific. Looking for a 227 or 228


    (why don't u like it?)
  4. Neimans Boston had the black metallic 227 about a week ago. I was waiting on the 226 but my SA called me just in case I wanted the 227, which I didn't. Carol is my SA there. Good luck!
  5. Ahh I want a 226! But I don't have enough right now :crybaby:
  6. When you call make sure to have the style #. For the 227 black metallic reissue it is 07A A30227Y04636 color 94305 (noir or black).
  7. Hi Miraco11, I am dying to get the black metallic reissue in the 226 size.
    My SA gave me the impression that she had me on the definites list, but now she is telling me that she is trying to find one for me.
    Could you please let me know which store you have the bag on hold for you, and the name of your SA?
    Thanks a million
  8. The Chanel boutiques at the Wynn Las Vegas and Bellagio Las Vegas seem to have good access to these bags. If they don't have them in stock now they are expecting them and some seem to be available (not reserved already). I received my black metallic 227 yesterday from Chanel Wynn Las Vegas.
  9. Thanks gwen10, you are so lucky!!! They were quick in the delivery of your bag too. You gotta show pics.
  10. gwen!! my bag is still not here! I am heartbroken... :crybaby:

    it should get here tomorrow. i hope. :p
  11. :back2topic: :back2topic:

    Ok anyone else know where i can find one in a size 227?

  12. I am so sorry - you were expecting it today! Can you call your SA and get a tracking #?

  13. thanks. That's helpful
  14. I received my 227 from the Chanel boutique in NY. I would try to give them a call. It's the boutique on 57th street.