Where to explore in Waikiki?

  1. Hi! I'm going to Hawaii for the FIRST TIME in August, and I'll be staying at Waikiki for nine beautiful nights! :love:

    Do any of you have suggestions on great places to shop, eat, explore, experience, see, etc? :nuts: Also, of course, WHERE ARE THE PURSES? :lol:

    Thanks in advance for suggestions!
  2. Ah....Waikiki, good memories for me! I just came back from Hawaii in March. I'm sure there are a few Hawaiian locals on the board.

    Kalakaua Avenue is the main road in Waikiki and runs parallel to the beach. They have so much shopping there - a HUGE LV store, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Tiffany....you'll be sure to find your purses there. LV is about 3% cheaper there than on the mainland, and the sales tax is only 4%.

    Do you like Japanese and Korean food? I think Hawaii has some great Japanese and Korean restaurants (I'm trying to remember the names), but if you want to try traditional Hawaiian food locals go to Ono Restaurant, which always has a line of people out the door! Roy's, Sam Choy's and Alan Wong's are also good.

    Sorry I'm blanking out on the names of the restaurants, when I remember I'll post them :lol:
  3. I'm going for the first time too in June!!

    Look up the ALA MOANA MALL online = looks like heaven - Hermes etc........:love:
  4. i was just there in march! So, if you rent a car, and drive to the middle of the island, takes 20 mins, there are the outlets! Barneys, Off fifth, and then your regular store outlets. It's fun though. Also, there is the international market in the center of waikiki. Get all your jewelry there, and make sure you check at least 5 other stands before buying. And barter!

    Oh, and there is about 500 ABC stores on the strip. They sell everything. Food, sandals, makeup, etc. It's your go-to store for all. You need to eat at cheeseburger in paradise. They are so big and messy. it's fun!
  5. I love Hanauba bay for snorkelling. You see many hot Japanese and asian babes :nuts: .
  6. Ala Moana Mall has a lot of great shops too - LV, Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Prada Sport, Neiman Marcus, etc. They even have this one store called Slipper House which has tons of flip flops and sandals, the most I've ever seen.

    Hanauma Bay is a must see for snorkleing. It's really neat - but you have to watch a 6 minute video (it's basically telling guests to be careful of the fishes and reefs) before they let you onto the beach.

    The Waikele outlet that satine112 mentioned is great too. I bought a lot of clothes from the Banan Republic outlet.

    The North Shore is a must too, it takes about 30-40 minutes and it's close to the beach where they film Lost. The little town of Haleiwa is really cool with a lot of surf shops and Matsumoto Shave Ice, which has some really neat flavors.
  7. I was just about to add that. I have such fond memories of that part of the island. Just beautiful. Shave ice is awesome with a scoop of ice cream in the bottom. :nuts:

    We went to Kauaiu (?sp) and Oahu for 3 weeks and loved it. One of our favorite things to do in late afternoon, about an hour before sunset, was to lay on inflatable rafts in the water on Waikiki Beach and watch the sunset. It's breathtaking.

    :cry: I want to go back so badly!
  8. I live on Oahu and there is so much to see! Definitely everywhere everyone else has mentioned before - Ala Moana Mall, North Shore (Haliewa), Downtown Waikiki. The Polynesian Cultural Center has a great Luau that you should consider. The best thing to do once you arrive at the airport and go to baggage claim is to grab all the booklets and flyers that they have in that area. You will find lots of coupons and descriptions of all the different things to do here. Spend a day just traveling around the perimeter of the island - the scenery is beautiful and there are many scenic points to stop and see. Also if you like to hike you may want to visit Diamond Head. And for souveniers - the ABC stores are great and cheap - but if you have time the absolute cheapest place to get souveneirs is the swap meet at Aloha Stadium - they are open Wed, Sat and Sun mornings til about 3pm. Have fun! :biggrin:
  9. Definitely check out the Tiffany on Kalakaua. It's the tiffany tower!! Like the others had said, most of the high end designers are there.

    As for food - for authentic japanese food I would recommend Imanaste a block off of King and University, behind the 7-eleven. For Korean I would recommend Sorabol by Ala Moana Shopping Center, the street blanked out on me but I believe it's open till very late (if not 24 hours)

    You can't beat the shopping in Ala Moana Shopping Center and Waikiki. Kahala Mall and the Ward Centre/Warehouse is pretty good too.

    Go up to the north shore, snorkel in Hanauma bay for water activities.
  10. oh wow thanks for all the recommendations!!! i cant wait to eat and shop and sightsee!!!!