where to do my LV shopping in US

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  1. I'll be going on holiday soon. Stops are LA, Las Vegas, New York City and San Francisco. wonder where's the best place to do my shopping? which has the lowest tax? the friendliest SAs?
  2. LA and NYC would probably have the must see boutiques. if i had to guess, NYC probably has the lowest tax rate?
  3. I always thought NYC tax was high - around 8%+. I'm not sure the other cities' rates but my guess would be that Las Vegas has the lowest of the places you mentioned.
  4. I'm not sure what the other states' rates are but NYc is 8.375% which I think is one of the highest. As far as friendly SAs I've only shopped in NYC and had a phone relationship with an SA in Beverly Hills. They are both hit or miss, though.
  5. i think the lowest tax is here in vegas... for the friendliest SA's, i would recommend the fashion show mall boutique... they are really very nice.
  6. Los Angeles tax is 8.25% San Francisco is 8.50%. I am not sure about the others.
  7. Las Vegas is 7.75% - I just looked at my receipt for a purchase that I made at Caesar's Las Vegas.

    In San Francisco:
    Union Square LV
    Neiman's LV
    Bloomingdale's LV

    In Las Vegas:
    Forum Shops at Caesar's
    Wynn Hotel
    Fashion Show Mall (Las Vegas):
    main store
    Neiman Marcus

    Los Angeles area:
    Century City
    Beverly Center
    Rodeo Drive-main store and Sak's (?)
    Hollywood & Highland
  8. Too bad you aren't making a stop in Portland - here in Oregon we have 0.00% sales tax!!!
  9. Wow i thot that delaware was the only state w/o sales tax! Its good to know Oregon is too.
  10. If and ever you want to make a trip to get cheaper LV bags from their boutique...go to Honolulu, HI!!!! Goods are priced cheaper and the tax is lkike 5%.
  11. Here in Michigan, I think tax is only 6% :smile: