where to buy

  1. Where are you all buying Balenciagas? Seems difficult to find traditional online retailers (i.e. high end department store or designer's boutique), and I'm skeptical of others. Any suggestions?
  2. I buy my bags from the Balenciaga boutique in NY or Barneys.
  3. I live in SoCal so I usually go to Barneys in Beverly Hills to check out the bags. But last time when I was in NYC, I stoped by the Bal store to purchase a greige twiggy, and the SA just told me that she can shipping it back to CA for me so I don't have to pay taxes (plus they were having a free shipping promotion in Sep :party: ) The bal SA told me to just email her in the future for my bbag purchases and I can just purchase the bag over the phone/fax and PAY NO SALES TAX!! yay.. I love that!!! (oh..but no returns tho.. so u really need to know ur bag before buying it)

    Or.. Aloharag.com is great too!! (No tax and free shipping >$500) But they usually run out on the popular colors FAST cuz their stock is limited.
  4. You can return to Bal NY within 10 days but ONLY for a Store Credit
  5. Thanks for the info! I'll keep my eyes open when traveling.
  6. So if i want to purchase by phone from the boutique, does anyone know of a place to view the most complete selection online so I can be specific about style, color, hardware, etc.?

    Thanks! See - you're making me want one just by reading about them!