Where to buy?

  1. Should I buy me first LV bag (Saleya PM) at the LV store inside Neiman Marcus or the actual LV store? Any advantages/disadvantages to either? Thanks...
  2. Buy it on Eluxury and sign up for www.******.com. You will get 2% back on your purchase. ;)
  3. I know that the LV in NM is "leased" and the SA of NM don't cross over to sell LV's...so they're both LV stores really!
  4. i get 3% :huh:. but regardless, if you buy on eLuxury you don't have to pay tax :graucho:! unless you live in TN or CA.
  5. If you are not in CA or TN you can buy on eluxury and avoid sales tax.

    Apart from that, no difference between Neimans and the LV store.

    Good luck! I love my Saleya PM so much.
  6. Thanks everyone. I guess it will probably be eluxury :smile: It's my birthday present for myself and my birthday isn't until the begining of August but I'm already plotting :smile:
  7. I like buying from the LV boutique and carrying around my nice big brown LV bag. LV boutique keeps your info in a database-my assumption is that is how they track your purchases for VIP status...can anyone answer that? I do know that NM doesn't track you but I think e-lux does. Anyways, congrats and Happy early Birthday!