Where to buy?

  1. Is there a place in yorkdale mall (toronto ontario)that sells Rebecca Minkoff ?

  2. The only place I'm aware of that carries Rebecca Minkoff bags in Toronto is called "Augustina" and they're located in Yorkville. Tel# 416 922-4248
  3. thank you, yorkville is downtown bloor street right ?
  4. Yep.....Bay/Bloor area....not far from the Four Season's Hotel.

    Have fun! Let us know what you find!
  5. Ok thanks, I guess that trip will have to wait until nicer weather. I dont drive downtown so i will have to wait for hubby to take me... and i'd like to go walking so i want nicer weather.
  6. Augustina has a bad selection of Rebecca Minkoff - I was there 2 weeks ago. They only have to Morning After Bags left in grey and a green colour, and a red matinee bag.

    The salesperson said they would not get anymore until Summer, just a heads up!
  7. A red Matinee? Might that be the WINE?!
  8. perfect thank you.
  9. Did anyone happen to see the price on the handbags available in Augustina?

    Where is this store by? I've walked around Yorkville a number of times and don't ever notice it...
  10. RM needs to find more retailers in Canada!!!
  11. I second that!
  12. Agreed!!!
  13. Doesn't Holts sell RM? I know not every store sells it, Ottawa nope but there are some in Montreal.
  14. only downtown Holts sells it now