Where to buy???

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  1. I know this is probably not the smartest question to ask, but where can I buy authentic brand new Chanel bags online???

    I know Neiman Marcus, Chanel Boutique, or other retailer stores carries it but why don't they have it online ???:confused1:

    Note: I'm new to this Chanel handbag thing.:yes:
  2. Chanel does not sell it's bags online. If you see them, most likely they are fake. The beauty of the purse forum is you can research the bag you like, and then find a store with an SA to help you find it. Good luck....
  3. Chanel doesn't authorize anyone to sell online.

    ^She's right, if you find them, they're usually fake.
    Or if you find a consignment shop, you may luck out, but often then they're used, sometimes fake, marked up too much. . . .
  4. I dislike the fact that Chanel is exclusive (online) compare to other well known brand such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, etc. Not everyone has the privilege or timing to drive hours to a nearby Chanel Boutique. Chanel should start selling their items online. They will make more sales that way.

    Imagine some day, buying a chanel bag is only a click away. hehe:graucho:

    ....Guess you can't get everything online. :push:
  5. ^^^oh vey, that could be verrrry dangerous for me! :rolleyes: :graucho: