where to buy Tokidoki in LAS VEGAS??

  1. Any Nevada natives out there can tell me where to buy Tokidoki in Las Vegas?? I'm going this weekend and need to shop!
  2. I used to live there and still visit often (my mom still lives there). I've found Tokidoki at Macy's and Nordstrom's at the Fashion Show Mall. There is also a brand new LeSportsac store in the Fashion Show Mall. I believe it's on the upper level of the new section of the mall (It wasn't open yet when I was last there at Thanksgiving, but was supposed to be opening soon.) Those are the only places I have seen Tokidoki in Vegas. Have fun shopping! :graucho:
  3. does Dillard's carry it??
  4. Hmmm, I don't think I remember seeing any in Dillards.:hrmm: There is Dillards at the Fashion Show Mall, so you can certainly take a peek inside Dillards just to be sure:sneaky:, but as I recall Macy's and Nordie's were the only anchor stores carrying Tokidoki. Also, there are actually 2 Macy Stores at Fashion Show (since the merger last year with May Company.) I could only find Tokidoki's in the Macy's store that is located between Neiman Marcus and Saks. The other store that used to be May Company has not carried Tokidoki's (at least whenever I have checked.)
  5. none of the Dillards in Colorado do.
  6. My friend just went to Vegas last weekend and checked out Macy's in Fashion Show Mall. The SA said they had some for about a month and they didn't sell so they marked them all down and they're gone. Don't know if they are getting any Amore or future prints. :search:
  7. They aren't getting Amore, and I got my Pirata there in January :smile:
  8. man...i remember the last time i went to Las Vegas was when they were still building the Fashion Show Mall :O i MUST go there again!!
  9. Macy's at Fashion Show Mall should be carrying Tokidoki.