Where to buy tiny comb for tiny purse?

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    I have spent many hours looking for a pretty little comb for my beloved little evening purse. The comb can be no longer than 3.5".

    Can anyone tell me where to buy one online?

    TIA, gals!
    Yours in purse love,
  2. Old vintage purses used to always come with combs.. I'd try ebay.
  3. Thanks, Luna. Nothing on eBay.

    The only small combs I have found are for children, dogs, or biker guys.

    I remember seeing the coolest, cutest little combs, enameled compacts, perfume flasks, and other purse accessories everywhere. Where did they go?

  4. Hm... I've no idea... but I will def. keep an eye out for you
  5. How kind of you to look for me, Luna.

    That comb is just the classy style I am looking for. Unfortunately it is about an inch too long. Sigh.........

    I've even tried the baby comb & brush sets. Those combs are 5". I have googled 'til I'm bleary eyed.

    Talk about shallow obsessing! But I really would love to have a darling little comb. I found the cutest little gold ballpoint pen. Only 2.5" long.
  6. Hm... There MUST be some cute comb out there to fit your needs
  7. My Judith Leiber bags all came with a small mirror and tiny comb. Perhaps if you contact Judith Leiber you can buy the comb separately.
  8. how 'bout a really tiny store?

    Of course, I'm kidding. I'm jealous. Last time I tried to get a tiny comb through my hair I had to send the Navy Seals in after it.
  9. I love this site I always shop on this site for those "little" things we augently need! and guess what! Look what I found for you.

  10. ^^ That one is so cute.. but I think it might be .5" too large...
  11. Thanks, Baggaholic

    That is adorable and I like the case. But it is 1/2" too long. Won't fit.

    I thought I had found THE comb when I purchased a 3" jade one on eBay. It arrived yesterday. It was a piece of junk. Crooked, damaged, and discolored on one side. I rarely leave negative feedback but this comb really earned it.

    I found a folding comb on Amazon.com While the right size, it is not at all cute. The promotional gift sites have cheap plastic ones. Yuck.

    My quest continues!
  12. Yeah but you can loose the case and then you'll have the room for it, lol.
  13. Good idea. I will email the seller and ask for the dimensions of the comb alone.

  14. Here is a couple of nice ones!