Where to Buy this Kate Spade Coat 6 PM


Mar 10, 2016
Ok, so I pray this post is in the right place and everything about it is according to rules.

That said, I've just seen the Cyber Cheetah Feti Coat from Kate Spade, and I'm in love. I need it for my trip to Korea this winter. I don't know anything about it. Like what year or anything.

The only place I've found it is here: http://m.6pm.com/kate-spade-new-york-cyber-cheetah-feti-coat-big-smoke

Is that a reputable site? The size is perfect for me. Wish the price were a leetle lower but don't I always. If this site is cruddy, do you have any suggestion of where I should look for it? Or should I give up and go to a real Kate Spde outlet and get a different coat...

Thank you guys!

Edit: Found it on EBay for a way better price! http://m.ebay.com/itm/NWT-548-kate-spade-new-york-cyber-cheetah-feti-coat-M-/131767647373?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE

Is it trustworthy to buy coats on eBay? I would never buy a designer purse from there but this coat is so tempting me.
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Apr 21, 2006
Cute coat! 6pm is entirely reputable. It's owned by Zappo's which is owned by Amazon.

For the most part, I'd trust a retailer over an ebay seller, unless the ebay seller in question is a retailer expanding into ebay or the seller is established, has a stated return policy, and has no 'red flags' in their feedback.