Where to buy thermals?

  1. I need them for a trip that I am going to this week and I need thermals because I know it is going to be freezing! I have been looking for them everywhere and can't seem to find them. Another thing is that I live in Socal and winter season is almost over and alot of stores don't carry them.
    Has anyone picked up any thermals shirts/pants for women recently or spotted them somewhere?
  2. I bought mine from Land's End. A co-worker swears by Winter Silks, though. You can Google WS online (I don't have an affiliation with either company!).
  3. Eddie Bauer has some thermals too.
  4. I got some for cheap at Target (at the Irvine Spectrum) back in December.
  5. Thermals are boring-looking, but I got really beautiful ones finally HERE: Kari Traa

    great quality, was very satisfied with them in last ski trip.
  6. I got mine from Target too :yes:. I know that thermal is still pretty in so I've been seeing printed thermals in a few stores here.
  7. I still stand by urbanoutfitters, they are a great source for thermals!