Where to buy the Trevi PM now?

  1. It called several stores today, it seems sold out everywhere. How do you think where I can get one?
  2. Get on the waiting list. Good luck.
  3. Try the Soho store in NYC, when hubby picked up my Tivoli GM today she showed him a Trevi, he was not sure of size. ask for Stephanie and tell him gentlemen who picked up tivoli told you to call, she said it was her favorite bag right now

  4. That's the good idea. :tup: It's also on my wishlist as well.

    I heard all of the boutiques have been out stock since before Nov. My store hasn't got any in yet.

    Good luck hunting!!
  5. I saw the PM in 5th avenue NYC today. I wanted it, but they only had the one on display it waslooked great. I just don't like buying the things that are on display.
  6. Bet it wasn't/won't be on display for long! Somebody grab that bag!:yes:
  7. Ugh...I called too late, closed early on Sun. Will call both Soho and 5th Ave stores tomorrow...wish me luck!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Good luck! The Trevi PM is a gorgeous bag and a must-have, IMO. I predict this will become a classic.
  9. Good luck, if they are sold out get on the waiting list.
  10. why is this bag so hard to get a hold of?
  11. Sold out of course:crybaby:. It seems I have been on a waiting list forever here in FL. If any of you guys happen to come across a Trevi PM, let me know!!!:tup:

    Thanks for your help!!:heart:
  12. I asked my SA here, and she said because they are all being made in France, it takes awhile to get through customs, so each store only gets 1 or 2 each time they come in. She said bags made here (in the US) get in stores really quickly.
  13. ok, that makes sense.

  14. I was told the same thing. Also they had two in a store in LI can't remember which but if you call 866 they should be able to tell you. Come to think of it, maybe I should listen to my own advise. It would be wise to get it before the price adjustment.
  15. Oh my gosh....I just saw a new one on eBay, and I BOUGHT IT!!!:yahoo: I will post pics when I get it. I paid $1450 for it, including shipping. So excited!!