Where to buy the Ramona in Canada

  1. Does anyone know where you can buy a Jimmy Choo Ramona in Canada?
    There is no way I can order one online from the US - I'd get killed on the duty!!! I'm willing to look on ebay as well but I'm terrified of getting a fake.

    I loooooooove the patent leather ones...sigh. :love:

    This forum has stirred up a big hairy purse monster inside of me that refuses to keep quiet!!! :smash:
  2. Well, I don't know if this will help you or not, but jimmychoo.com now sells its bags online. They obviously are a British-based company, and I'm not sure how the duty/shipping fees might differ by ordering through them versus ordering through a U.S. department store like Saks or Neimans. It's probably worth investigating, though...

  3. Thanks Cosmo. I've looked at the site before and they ship their items out of the UK which means that duty will definitely be charged. They don't have the pretty patent on the site either. :Push:

    I was thinking of maybe getting an "inspired by" Ramona but the only one I have seen is from Aldo and it just looks icky. Sigh. The pricetag is really high too - and would be the most expensive bag I've ever owned!
    I'm not sure what other options are out there for those "inspired by" Choos...but either way - they won't have the patent which I've now rabid for after looking at all the ladies who posted pics of their beautiful bags! :drool:
  4. I know Holt Renfrew no longer carries Jimmy Choo but maybe you could see if they can get one in for you.
  5. I order from NM quite frequently, and I'm from Canada. (You have to order by phone.) I haven't found the taxes to be that bad--I think the last time I ordered a bag, the taxes were about $65 for a $1500 bag. There does not seem to be any consistent pattern in how they calculate these amounts though--very odd!

  6. That is VERY ODD indeed! I bought a purse for a little over 500 dollars and the duty came to at least that much! You probably got a deal. It's doubtful I'd be that lucky. :lol:
  7. I've heard that their personal shopper services might be able to get certain items for you. I've never used the service myself but its worth a try.
  8. I saw a Ramona at Holt Renfrew Vancouver a week or so ago...I want to say it was navy but I looked at sooooooo many bags that day I can't keep them straight :heart:
  9. Really? I thought they stopped carrying Choos. A SA told me if they don't meet their quota of reg price sales, they stop carrying that designer which sucks because if a designer has a bad season, they won't sell them next season. So they just dropped the Celine line, and they stopped carrying Choos last summer.
  10. Vancouver Holts seems to be behind the rest of Canada...they were the last to start carrying Balenciagas... maybe they are just selling off the last Choos.