where to buy the little charm thingy for your b-bag

  1. ive seen some photos of b-bags in here that have those little charms on. i forgot whose pics tho. anyways, i like the charms....
    where can i get these?
    i was looking at juicy charms, but i cannot figure out how to attached them to the bag.:shrugs:
  2. H&M has cute charms, also the purse forum has a couple made by jewelry designers that benefit tPF. do a search on the main thread ;)
  3. i sometimes used a charm i got from my friend, it's an indian/nepal charms. but i hardly use it anymore because the thread is almost broken :crybaby:
    i'll need to stitch them really soon...
    btw, here's the pic of how this charm looks on my classique & on a bigger b-bags.
    charms1.jpg charms2.jpg charms3.jpg
  4. okay... supposed i buy one of those juicy charms... any idea how to put it in the bag? it only has that little loop and goes into the bracelet, i think.
  5. heres a little charm that my bf made for me~:love:
    origancity1.jpg rougework4_web.jpg
  6. bb10lue, i think that was your pic that inspired me to have the charms. how did he make them?
    do you have a close up pic of the charms?
  7. ^^hehe,i don't know how he made this...:Push:
    but i think you can buy those beads from some local bead or accessories stores.
  8. heres another one that i made myself~
  9. i love both your charms, bb! they look great on your bag!
  10. i love your charms.... geez, you and your bf is so creative.....
  11. aww,that's so sweet of your bf...and those charms look so fab on the b-bags. hmm...maybe I should start to look for ones i can put on my bag.They look so cute!
  12. I hang a Prada trick on my Balenciagas. It funks the look up even more.

    Will take pics and post later.
  13. I use coach letters on most of my bags. Here is my city with an 'E' on it.
    black balenciaga.jpg
  14. Black Classique + Prada Trick Razor Blade


    Ugh. Sorry for the massive pic.
  15. ooh, that razor thing is cool looking!
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