Where to buy the Blake

  1. I have just recently discovered the blake and want to buy it, but have had no luck finding places that sell it, every place just says they don't carry that item any more.
  2. Saks, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom usually carry Blakes each season. I try to only buy my Blakes at those places b/c I can be guaranteed authenticity.

    There may be a few Blakes still floating around on sale.

    Good luck!
  3. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales and the MJ boutiques all carry the Blake. Is there a specific color you are looking for?
  4. If you don't see them on the site, you can also call Nordstroms - they will sometimes check for one in their store and ship it to you. :yes:
  5. I'm trying to get it in black
  6. ^^I definitely saw black blakes (with gold hardward) in Nordstrom around Christmas. They were full price, so I'm pretty sure they are still there. Good luck!
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue has some too!
  8. thanks for the help!
  9. i'm surprised you're having so much trouble finding it! i got mine at the mj boutique, but i've seen blakes in all the major dept stores named above around my area. and black seemed to be a common color.
  10. try calling around, good luck! :smile: