Where to buy sunglasses?

  1. Ladies, what are some good reliable websites that sell sunglasses? Other than sunglasshut I don't know where else to look.
  2. bluefly, Neiman Marcus, Saks and eluxury...other than that, I wouldn't really trust any other websites that claim to sell "designer" sunglasses
  3. You can try these sites they have very cute sunglasses and designer ones at that.

  4. I wish I could buy some online, but I have to try them on.
  5. solstice or try your optometry. my optometrist offers to order me sunglasses at cheaper prices than the malls =)
  6. my optometrist gives me 25% off retail for most brands since i order my contacts there anyways... and they can also order stuff from catalogs that they dont have in stock
  7. do not buy from sunglassexpo.com , its the same owner of decormyeyes.com!!!
  8. i only use www.shipmyshades.com -prices are great, customer service is amazing, delivery really fast-free shipping, price match + extra $5 off for tpf members!
  9. shipmyshades.com
    reliable, great selection, and fast and free shipping!

    just got new marc jacobs sunnies from shipmyshades!
    i def. suggest it!
  10. Any decent sellers for designer sunglasses on ebay? I rather not use cc and looking for some great deals. I really want fendi sunnies.