Where to buy Sports tank with padding?

  1. hey gals.
    I am looking for a sports tank with padding, not just bra support. I have really small boobs and need something to enhance that area :p

  2. They make this? All the sports bras I've seen have no padding, but then, I don't get out very often. And I certainly don't need help in THAT area!

    Tell you what, you can have my extra.:p

    Good luck hon, I personally feel you could locate something that'll suit you, they make everything nowadays.
  3. Hm, never seen one. My worry would be that the padding would soak up sweat and get nasty. Maybe that's why padded sports bras aren't common? Sports bras are really unflattering, but I guess I kind of forget about it once I get exercising! Good luck in your quest.
  4. Lululemon has sports bras and tank tops with removable padding. And they have great yoga wear too! Everyone in Canada LOVES lululemon.

    Here's their website: www.lululemon.com
  5. Thanks!!!

  6. See? I knew someone made them! :yahoo:
  7. Target (I think it's made by Champion) exercise clothes and Hanes make padded sports bra.
  8. I second the Lululemon ones. They are AMAAAZZZZIIINNNNGGGG, look natural and removeable (which is a MUST) and very reasonably priced (unlike some of their other items, imo).
  9. thanks all!
    do you know if they are only available in-store? I can't seem to find a link to shop on their website.

    I saw a some cute tanks I just hope they will be available for purcahse when I go tot he store!!