Where to buy slips for see-thru dresses?

  1. Thx for the links Dc-cutie and Bubble! I will definitely check it out!

    Princess pink, you are right! Do you which fabrics would be the least clingy?

    Musthaveseenher, looks like the store is only oversees. Thx for suggestion though!
  2. honestly i got a slip for $14 bucks at target. i wear it ALL the time.
  3. Ruelala had the Spanx I wear under my maxis. It's comfy and doesn't let the space btw my legs shine through
  4. you're so right. i was in wal-mart and they didn't have a single one! the lady said they don't carry them anymore. so bizarre. i am gonna check my outlet mall for one this week.
  5. Target has tons of them. They are inexpensive. Many places don't carry them anymore. Blame every hollywood starlet who has shown us a bit more than leg;)for the demise of the slip.
  6. www.marksandspencer.co.uk

    Good range of slips with different colors and lengths.

    They ship to the US but it's quite expensive......
  7. You can find them made of cotton, no static but then not too 'smooth' against clothing, feels more like a proper lining. Avoid anything 100% nylon - I think polyester/elastane is the way to go. Some also state 'static free' or 'cling resistant' on the label.

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  9. Great thread!!! I've been borrowing my mom's slip from the 90s!! I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!! but I knew my mom's closet would have one hahaha. I remember my mom making me buy one for the middle school dance in Macy's but when I went back recently there was nothing! So weird. I wonder why no one makes slips anymore, especially when see-through dresses are common.
  10. I have a problem with my Spanx half slip riding up, does this one do that? An SA told me if it rides up it's too big, but it feels pretty tight to me. I love what the slip does, it's like an extended half slip that comes up to meet my bra, I just wish it stayed in place.
  11. It shows it at about 2 inches to the knee, when I put it on its just that, but as the day progresses it does slightly ride up....ur making me nervous I just bought the half slip on that ruelala sale. I figured for 30 bucks it's a good buy, hope it won't ride up too much :graucho:
  12. Also the reason I bought this slip is bc it's strapless, I don't like having the maxi slip and bra straps all sticking out, the spanx is tight enough to wear a strapless or no bra
  13. I saw it there too. I'm always tempted by the bike short looking things thinking they may stay put better but I ended up passing.
  14. I had trouble finding inexpensive slips for the longest time! The cheap ones I found at Target were matronly and loose around the waist for me. I ended up finding these inexpensive ones from Gap and wear them all the time.

    If you want something prettier and more vintage in style, Anthropologie or even Urban Outfitters sell slips also (but I can't speak to quality).

    ETA: I am relieved to see that other fashion-conscious people are still interested in slips! I was appalled by all the young women I have seen recently wearing completely sheer skirts with their dark or bright-colored underwear showing through. I didn't think they were doing it on purpose in the neon-colored bra under white tank sort of way, but rather, I think they were completely oblivious. Sigh.
  15. Good thread! I like the Gap slip as suggested by Renza. Kohl's also has slips but they are similar to what you find in Target.